Darkness Ad Infinitum

Villipede Publications:

With fifteen short stories and four poems from both established and upcoming authors, this haunting collection will force readers to re-evaluate their thoughts on what darkness really is: something we’re all born of yet perpetually trying to flee; a malevolent force that desires our servitude or destruction—or something that simply wishes to lock us in its cold, scaly, fathomless grip. Or perhaps, even, it’s an asylum for our jittery minds and confused hearts—a place of solace where humans may patiently inspect their primal natures and desires . . . a place where the barriers between monster and man begin to shift and break down.

The authors’ origins span the breadth of the globe: the UK, Greece, Australia, Sweden, the US—and their stories are just as diverse. While the styles and subject matter of the stories may differ greatly, what is consistent is the dedication each author has harnessed to create unique fiction and scenarios of bewitching caliber.

Holding Darkness Ad Infinitum in your trembling hands, you may find yourself faced with a simple ultimatum: Do you turn around and embrace the darkness of your own free will . . . or will it embrace you first?


Darkness Ad Infinitum (front/back)